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Why us?We use the share price to market signals Forex to find if the candle model, the model of graph or some indicators in support of our consultants price action methods. Our system detects its size, shape, location, growth (price updated in real time) and volume (if present) of a clock or OHLC bar chandelier, combined with training areas of the chart in the wider technical analysis as trend lines support and resistance, Fibonacci levels or negotiations with channel found. Why use the broth for Forex trading?Price action trading is the closest thing, what use floor traders in the pits. Is a commercial technology, which allows us to read the market and business decisions based on the actual price development or the action of the price as print sheet feeder and graphics, instead of relying on lagging indicators to leave. Price charts reflect the beliefs and actions of all participants (human or computer) Forex market during a certain period of time and these beliefs are represented in the graphs of market price in the form of price action. Why is it so important?One of the great advantages of the analysis of price action is that it robot forex yang profitable is relevant and profitable signals well in the markets and the area is associated with. A unique and flexible trading method, will be consistently profitable market signals in any condition ,.