Forex Robot Nation Performance

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Thank you for your comments and concerns. Although we believe that we all money to be quiet, or help some tools to make the secrets, who want to make us a phenomenal amount of money, these forums and comments, suggestions, and personal comments. I know I've learned, other people leaving comments really good to help others. I'm really in the service of others. In million dollar pips: ECN broker, you should. What you need is however very narrow columns. It is also necessary to think. It goes straight to the liquidity of the banks? Maybe, if the purchase or sale of certain at once, perhaps much. If you're dealing with a lot of micro, the Bank provides approximately $ 2. 00 dealer? Then will you negotiate, able with their commercial opening broker? You should strengthen a lot opening with banks to do the Exchange with hundreds of other people. It takes time. A small hallway perhaps not all these clients available. You also have to wait for the seismic, liquidity banks may have a latency of corporate priority. Thousands of copies of the robot can all over the world in search of the handful of ECN broker were sold. The robot opens a company headquartered loss change the CAP with one or two seconds, or stop, the chicken meat into more than two seconds closed business after a few seconds. You may have even settings for different jobs at the same time. Now, adopted with all these transactions all robots are mapped his agent, at the same time, the case into pieces. It is an error. Operations must be slowed. Don't you think that is the negotiations with the banks with the ECN account?There is a reason why there is a mention of the corridors as retailers. I forex robot nation performance have a latency of 1-2 ms between my agent and my VPS. There are better. When I started with nuggets million dollars, an increase of 80% in my account had in October / November. It was in the demo account. The robot works very well. Is a super robot! Risky strategies. My moment of which was not Ms. 180-240 slips. About 90-95%-earnings - ratio. The day I went with him life went to the loss ratio 85-90%. One-third of my account on a day destroyed. It was also, with the same configuration, with the same corridor. Only there. My moment of execution was as high as jumped 7. 8 seconds delayed any change that cases have been delayed. Slides into the game. Runner up was too slow. Principle of VPS costs money. I have my robots. The robot is very good, but the Hall also wants money. ECN does not apply to you. .